Gender in an Age of Global Care Crisis Conference 2024

 We are excited to announce that the Hub will be holding the two-day hybrid 
Gender in an Age of Global Care Crisis conference

Dates: Thursday 21 March, 9:00am - Friday 22 March 13:00pm (UK Time) 

Venue: The Nissan Institute Lecture Theatre, St. Antony's College

Keynote Speakers


prof rhacel salazar parrenas

'Care and Migration' by Professor Rhacel Salazar Parreñas, Doris Stevens Chair and Professor of Sociology and Gender and Sexuality Studies, Princeton University.

This talk provides a global overview on the legal incorporation of migrant domestic workers. It establishes their precarious status as bound laborers, that is workers who are bound to the sole-employment by a sponsor, and the marginalities engendered by this status. The talk empirically focuses on the situation of migrant domestic workers in Arab States as this is the largest destination for these workers globally. 


prof shamila rudrappa

'Catastrophe and Caring' by Professor Sharmila Rudrappa, Sociology and South Asia Institute (Director), University of Texas at Austin. 

This talk will build  on formative scholarship to suggest that theorizations of care need to move beyond the human worlds to consider non-human life— plants, annelidan worms, water, fungi. Rather than public-private interventions, state policies, or international agreements to mitigate climate change, asking what it might be to expand caring labour to include non-human lives to  imagine reparative futures for damaged societies living on a damaged planet.





This conference aims to shed light on the intersection of gender and the global care crisis. Our esteemed speakers will delve into the challenges faced by caregivers worldwide and explore the impact of gender on care work. Through thought-provoking discussions, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding care, gender roles, and societal expectations.

Whether you are an academic, activist, or simply interested in the topic, this conference offers a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts in the field. Gain valuable insights, expand your network, and contribute to the ongoing discourse on global care crisis and gender equality.

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For online participants there is a registration fee of £30.00 (Zoom details will be provided upon registration)

For in-person participants there is a registration fee of £100.00. This fee includes entry to the conference and tea/coffee during the breaks and a buffet lunch on both days of the conference.

You can access a list of budget accommodation options in Oxford here

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